VOICE IT IN ACTION (VIIA) is a registered (2016/085283/08) Non-Profit Company, which was founded by Kgothatso Moloto to curb the heightened violent culture witnessed in South Africa and the rest of the Africa through innovative programs, projects and campaigns. At VIIA we seek a more harmonised society, to confronting issues grounded on violence, and raise awareness with regards to violence against men, women and children.

“The concept for VOICE IT IN ACTION (VIIA) was formed after the traumatic incident of a kidnapping and eventual murder of Ipeleng Christine Moholane (age 19) in 2015. This was an eye opener to this grave problem faced by many people in the world. In South Africa alone, a girl goes missing or a body is found every day, and this does not affect women and girls, but also men and boys. – Ipeleng will forever be missed,” said Moloto.

Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instargram, with most activity on Facebook) were created to raise awareness about the organisation and the plans to fight against violence. (VIIA) is not limited to these social media platforms alone, it is looking into creating a platform exclusively cantered around the fight against the violent nature in the world in order to pave the way for a harmonized society. Like, Share & Follow VOICE IT IN ACTION on our social media platforms - FacebookTwitter and Instargram,

The Mission
Our Mission is to fight against violence and its effects to protect those who need it the most.

“To unite and fight against Violence” - good men/mankind needs to stand against violence anywhere, everywhere and to also take action when exposed to it. Through action which are not violent but preventative in order to reduce the problem.

“To educate and empower individuals for the future” - Education plays a key role in changing the problems faced in the world, and also to create awareness on violence. This needs to happen to get potential solutions that can reach future generations with a good message to reignite the spirit of “Ubuntu” in South Africa.

“Be the change and help share Love” - Love reaches across religions, colours and generations

Message from the Founder
One of my missions in life is to advance in the fight against the increasing violence in society. In November 2016 I decided to focus fully on the organisation; VOICE IT IN ACTION (VIIA) to serve this purpose.

The daily reports of murders, rapes, petty crimes and thefts have left me in a state of panic and fear regarding the safety and security crisis faced in our country, this affects not only my family and friends but my community and the society at large.

The purpose of this message is to request for sponsorship (mainly financially) or any other means (e.g. buying of VIIA T-shirts to be worn on Fridays). The sales of VIIA T-shirts will also enable continued VIIA projects and campaigns to fight (raise awareness, create solutions etc…) against violence whilst continuing with plans to secure sustainable sponsorship/s. NB: T-shirts will be made available soon -

VIIA Projects

1. "Braamfontein Community Safety Project'
2. #STAND - in Botshabelo

The Braamfontein Community Safety Project

The purpose of the project is to find solutions to combating violence through fitness programs, self-defence procedures, staying alert within any surrounding and involving the community at large in the different activities. The Motto is “Get Fit, Be Alert & Stay Safe because you have a role to play”. We put more emphasis on encouraging the communities to join in this fight against violence whilst also keeping fit and exercising. Calling all women, children and especially men to take a stand and act against violence when the call is made – #VoiceItInAction: A hero is called

Project Objectives:
1. To create a safer environment through combined efforts to re-ignite the spirit of Ubuntu—a word that has lost its meaning.
2. To re-launch the Blow the Whistle Campaign. This is twofold, where actual whistles will be distributed for use when needed and figuratively by speaking out and breaking the silence.
3. The introduction of sustainability plans and continued VIIA activities.
4. To raise funds to ensure that the fight against violence can continue.

#VoiceItInAction - “Get Fit, Be Alert & Stay Safe - You have a role to play”

Project Summary

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Pop-Up Activities Additional Information

#STAND - Botshabelo

The #STAND - STOP VIOLENCE campaign is used as an organizing strategy in different communities to combat various forms of violence against men, women and children through an innovative, interactive programs catered to the identified community's needs. #STAND - Botshabelo is a campaign for the community to be executed by the youth and the community at large. Violence in South Africa is on the rise and with the #STAND in Botshabelo a platform for the community and local organisations to come together to CREATE and to ACTION the created solutions is enabled, which will assist in curbing the rising violence.

Project Objectives:
1. Raising awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and all international levels.
2. Strengthening local work around violence against men, women and children.
3. Establishing a clear link between the community and local organizations to combat gender-based violence.
4. Sensitizing communities on their role to combat violence against men, women and children.
5. Creating local opportunities to ensure that Violence can be reduced.

#VoiceItInAction - “Take a STAND - Be the change and help make a difference”

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